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New items are in blue


Connor is out to destroy Emily and Nikolas.


Helena returns!


Bridget works at Kelly’s.


Elizabeth tells Jason to go after Sam.


Jordan is attacked.


Courtney interrupts Jason and Sam.


A barely dressed Bridget ‘bumps’ into Jax.


Lois overhears Durant telling Carly that Steven can prove Alcazar killed Mary.


Brooke is worried after she doesn’t hear from Diego.


Carly isn’t sure if she can trust John.


Carly and Lorenzo get stuck in an elevator together.


Sam and Jason make love.


Emily fakes being pregnant so Helena will kidnap her instead of kill her.


Steven’s ex, Rachel, comes to Port Charles.


Sonny cuts ties with everyone.


Jason makes a romantic proposal to Sam- surprising everyone!


Lorenzo and Steven better watch out for Durant.


Helena really thinks Nikolas is free.


Sonny spends a lot of time with FBI agent Reese.


Sam and Jason get married.


Courtney lets Bridget move in with her after she gets beaten up.


A crisis hits the Quartermaine family.


Luke and Skye set out on an adventure.


Diego is falling in love with Brooke.


Lorenzo will re-evaluate his feelings for Carly.


Carly has feelings for Lorenzo also- so where does Steven fit in?


Courtney encourages Bridget to keep her baby.


Lois and Lorenzo call it quits.


Faith kidnaps Kristina when she is visiting with Sonny.


Alexis, Sonny and Ric work together.


Connor rapes Emily.


Liz and Lucky recall some of their past together after Emily is raped.


Sam thinks that Courtney is trying to take away ‘her’ baby by encouraging Bridget.


Faith ends up dead.


Luke feels responsible for what happened to Emily.


Sonny decides to leave the mob.


Dillon considers his options after graduation.


Liz and Lucky fall in love again.


Lorenzo forms a relationship with Diego and Maria.


Alexis learns that Ric knew that Kristina was Sonny’s child.


Jax and Courtney get engaged.


Alexis flirts with Durant.


Durant makes a move against Sonny.


Alexis has a soft spot for Sonny as she defends him.


Jax and Courtney break off the engagement.


Ric tries to prove he has really fallen for Alexis and Kristina.


Bridget gets arrested and calls Jason.


Skye gets some information that could hurt her relationship with Luke.


Jax and Courtney get stranded on an island.


Liz and Lucky make plans for their wedding.